Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Made the Front Page!

Check out the story about your CSA in the DMN NeighborsGo - Mesquite/Sunnyvale/Balch Springs edition or online at

Jenice Johnson will be around from time to time to talk to our members about why they joined a CSA and what it means to them and their families. First up was one of our working share members, Butch Gordon and his family, wife Charity and their 5 children.

I must say as a business person, I do see opportunity to make myself a living doing something I really enjoy, playing in the dirt and helping people eat/be healthier. When in the past, farming meant risking it all on your own, the CSA helps make it happen faster as I can focus on the planning and planting instead of how much debt the farm is racking up and worrying about who will buy the product and where I have to go to sell it, etc. This is the ultimate "work from home" job!

As a person who loves people and cares about helping them be healthy, I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know what I am privileged to do for some of my neighbors. Some of that warm fuzzy feeling I have gets lost in newspaper articles, but I assure you, your stories of how you found me and why are very touching, important and inspiring to me. Growing organically is so cool and rewarding I hope more people take out plots in their own yards to do it on a small scale just for the fun of it.

Some of you have searched and searched for good, healthy, naturally and locally grown food for yourselves and your families - I'm the fortunate one who gets to work the land that has been here all along. I take what I am doing seriously, while having fun and enjoying it every day - and I truly appreciate your support and faith in this project.

Eat Your Food - Naturally!


  1. WOO-HOOO!! Go Marie and everyone participating in the CSA! (I just remembered about this blog) I'm super excited we're getting some publicity. I love to tell people, "My farm... this or that". It makes people ask questions and I love to answer to point them in the right direction or at least help open their minds to different possibilities. Lets keep moving forward!

  2. Thanks Iris - we got a lot of work done today. More seeds planted and as soon as the irrigation set up gets here, we'll be setting stuff out. Just don't want to risk anything to this heat we're still getting. Watch the Observer, too, I was phone interviewed earlier this month...local food rocks! Or as we say in TOFGA - fresher by thousands of miles.


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