Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Stroll Through the Garden

Just thought I'd update the videos. This was of course before the rain - now it is wet and everything is happier still! The carrots will pull out nice and easy, the onions and garlic can be dug up without breaking a soil fork and the potatoes might actually finish growing.

This week we'll have a nice little variety for everyone. Bring any extra herbs you want to thin out and share with each other - seems you all grow so many, we need to inventory what all you need me to grow for you. The Lemon Basil and cilantro are coming up and the new rosemary is rooted and slowly growing. The English Lavender is now in bloom and there are still plenty of dried blooms from the Spanish for your lavender tea, lavender brownies or whatever you can use dried lavender for. The dill is about done. Hatched a couple of swallowtails - it has done its job.

Enjoy the stroll through Eden's Garden and I'll see you Saturday!


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