Wednesday, October 5, 2016

An Ounce of Prevention

I'm all about sustainable farming/gardening - I know, might sound strange from a person who sells soil amendments and such. 

But honestly, it's my goal to build a soil so healthy as to not need outside inputs for the farm eventually. So why wouldn't I want the same for you?

The one thing I can't make/create here at the farm though, may be something I always do use and that's seaweed. 

Short of a trip to the beach to collect it, of which I certainly wish I had the time to do, I use it in bottled or dry powered form. 

It's getting to be that time of year when our temps take 20, 30 and even 40 degree swings - all within hours of time. This can take a toll on plants not yet established or acclimated to the current temps. Not to mention, your pets, and yourself! 
 "Stress on a plant is what invites pest and disease." 

But in the over 30 some-odd years I've been organic gardening/farming, over and over and over again, the benefit of using liquid seaweed foliar spray comes up. Especially right before one of these temp swings - like the one scheduled for Friday. 90's to low in the 50's. Stress on a plant is what invites pest and disease. 

So let's try to ease the stress with a little shower of love on the garden either after the sun's heat is out of the garden or first thing in the AM while it's still cool out. Plants are only receptive to the benefits when their stomates are open.  Add in a little liquid fish for a N boost if needed. It's a great time to really observe your plants up close and personal, especially if you're using a small hand sprayer - as opposed to one off of a cart or tractor.

Lift up the leaves, spraying the undersides, too. If you see pest insects, such as aphids or squash bugs, etc., check back the next morning to see if they've not stopped hanging around. Your plant's inherent defense system may have gotten the kick it needed with your foliar application of enzymes, hormones and trace nutrients found in the seaweed.

Adding a bit of home brewed compost or vermicompost tea never hurts, either. Upping the bacterial and fungal activity helps everything work better. Even on the plants' surfaces it seems.

So that's your little gardening tip for today! Make some time to do a little preventative treatment and it should help ease your plants through these crazy seasons of up and down temps! Where one day you're wearing shorts and a tank top and then you wake up to a snow day! Hey, it happens in N. Texas!

Now go git your hands in the dirt!


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