Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike took a hike!

Well, I have lived in the DFW area for over 16 years now, but I guess I'm a slow learner. I managed to get taken in by the panic over Ike that swept across the state, even to my mom's weather forecast in Washington state, who called to make sure I was "battened down". I made the mistake of watching too many weather forecasts and local news reports via the Internet over the past few days - and it seems they hyped it up a bit when it came to how it would affect us in North Texas. They didn't really know - it was really anyone's guess.

Where I grew up, we didn't have weather that may or may not come in, could or could not hit. I tell you, if they said it was going to come a storm - IT WAS COMING! All we generally had to do was look to our Iowa neighbors in the west a bit and we could see exactly what our weather was going to be like - and then intensify it a little if you lived nearer to Lake Michigan.

So, when all the buzz about a hurricane the size of our great state here in Texas began, I guess I took it literally and got a bit shook by it. The barn over here is still in a state of disrepair from the tornado, although I finally have some bids to begin working with, and my goodness, I live in a house that is nearly 100 years old and I venture to say that the roof is not very young either! So, had I been feeling a bit more secure in the integrity of the structures around me, I'd probably have been like most native Dallasites - "what storm?"

Well, I'm glad to say we did get the barn roof re-secured and all the misc things you keep thinking you're going to do to tidy up, done. If I could only get that darn spring hooked back up to my riding mower so I could've mowed before the rains....oh well, the horses will get to have a snack in the back yard I suppose.

When served lemons, I'm an expert lemonade maker as a rule. This time I just forgot to squeeze enough.

The good news is that the field is tilled and ready for the final steps and planting. We'd have worked today but the winds are pretty gusty and they'll take the fertilizer to places we don't need it to go. So, we've scheduled a CSA workshare work-day for next Saturday, which again is a market day, and the place will really start to look like a farm. We'll hoe rows, spread the amendments and mix them in. Cucumbers should be ready to go in the ground and even some of the little bite size tomatoes. I didn't plan for too many "summer" veggies as I wasn't sure how early we'd get to plant things, but we'll have a few favorites to enjoy for a little bit. And pickles for the winter!

Well - having said all this, it is time to get some work done. We had moved all the seedlings inside to protect them from what was supposed to be this horrible 8 inch rainstorm with 70 mph gusts of wind - now, I think I'll let them back out so they can enjoy a drink of rich rainwater that comes from Above!

See ya'll soon - batteries are charged again, check back for more pics soon!

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