Monday, November 17, 2008

We're all in this Together

We had a great turn out Saturday afternoon and got much accomplished! Thank you to Sara, Leo and Emily and Jenice our volunteers and to Charity, Shana and Randall who are some of our regular workshare members - Hey, everyone, Shana just ran the New York Marathon! Go Shana! Jenice (pictured here as proof to her workout coach that she did workout Saturday) is the one we can thank for covering the story that brought Sara to us and Charity is part of Eden's Community Gardens, as well as our CSA community, which can all stay clean a lot more naturally with the soaps that Emily and Leo taught us how to make earlier in the day!

Someone mentioned community and its importance 3 times to me this weekend. What a great group we have and I can feel the commitment and the support for our project - thank you. I just read something the other day that said the majority of those forming new CSA's were not farmers previously, but came from an assortment of various careers - many not even agriculturally related. At least with this CSA the land is secured already, I do have a working knowledge of horticulture and soils (the life of the soil is the direct result in the life of your food), and I've been an organic gardener for the better part of 20 years, and most important of all - I have a great group of charter CSA members! I am really looking forward to the growing of relationships that this CSA will foster as I get to know everyone. I encourage you all to comment on the blog - talk to me - and perhaps we have someone who's a techie out there who can set us up a yahoo group or something. (I am sorry, I just really don't have the time to maintain it and the emails and this blog as well as my other electronic outlets, but would love to see you all connecting on line and I promise to chime in!)

We didn't get the shed framework moved Saturday as I planned, but more importantly, we did get all of the plants that are tender and still trying to bear fruit covered up and tucked in. (pic coming) It never actually froze down here, my thermometer showed 34, which is cold enough! - but we were ready! I would rather be prepared than panic. What is in there under that plastic are a few cucumber and several squash plants that I hope will give us some fruit and about 5 or 6 cherry tomato plants I threw in at the last minute this fall just to see if they'd grow. Most plants were among the things that were started way back in September on time - but couldn't get in the ground due to the irrigation issues. Thank you Herb - we're on track there now, too! (I promise, I'll get the renewable energy pics and info in soon!)

This first season has been both frustrating and exciting - and soon, rewarding. This week I look to see us bringing in some kale, chard and possibly, some cabbage. I harvested basil in anticipation of the weather (some came with permission from another local organic garden where no one from the school came to save it) and will try to keep it fresh for the week in vases of water and we'll cut fresh oregano, too. I've sent out a request for overages of produce from 2 other local farms and we'll see what they have - soon as I hear, I'll let you know as I'm sure you are planning your feasts' menu this week. I have a dozen eggs coming for you all and a surprise baked good item. Jeani baked her heart out - and into - these goodies and it is my gift to you this Thanksgiving. There are tarts, muffins and breads - mmm mmm good! I'll just cover my eyes and put one of something baked in each bag - you guys can feel free to swap out. They are in my freezer out in the garage so I don't have to be tempted to eat them myself! You folks that split a share may be arm wrestling over who gets what! (Nah, I'll put the muffins in those bags, we don't want any fights breaking out.)

Oh, that reminds me. I do have some cloth bags on order - 100% organically grown and made in Texas I might add - Eden's Organic tote bags. I've ordered enough so you can each have one to carry home your shares (and then please remember to bring it back next time) and I'll have one for the next week's share. I thought that would be better than a bunch of boxes - roaches like boxes anyway. This first share may end up in Whole Foods bags, since ours aren't in just yet, but we'll have them sooner or later.

I'm not sure if we're where we need to be to start scheduling a weekly pick up yet. Erica asked me about that this week and I just don't think it makes sense to do. Hang in there with me and let's get through the Thanksgiving basket - I really wanted you guys to have more local stuff for the holiday next weekend, but the season didn't go quite the way I hoped. However, we're on track now and that rain, man that rain was a delight! Did I already mention we got 3 inches!? Ahhh! It was just what the garden needed - thank you Lord! I am also planting more as a way to continue things so long as it will grow. I put in garlic, which is actually for next summer, and more radishes and some carrots! In just a few weeks, several trays of organically grown plant starts will be arriving for our winter shares. Trying to get lettuce going again - last batch still not showing itself : ( - and whatever else I think I can get to grow in the dark gloomy winter days that are on the way. Can anyone say greens?

What would you like to eat this spring? Now is the time to start thinking about that stuff. I'll be laying out the plan for spring over the next couple months. I'll start to secure seeds in December and January. I'll be putting out onion sets and potatoes soon as I can get them - do you guys like sweet potatoes? Let me know what you would like to see me try to grow.

Well, that is all for now. I don't have the camera handy or I'd put some pics up this morning from the garden this weekend. Check back later this week for pics.

Have a great week!
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  1. Well gang, it is our first harvest. It's a bit smaller than I hoped, but considering our set backs and late start, I think I'm just glad we finally got something!

    The harvests get better soon as we have new plants and seeds going as well as that big batch of plants coming in Dec. I am looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow! M


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