Friday, February 12, 2010

Eden Under Snow

Somewhere under there is Savoy Cabbage!

Well, I'm anxiously awaiting the first thaw and word from my organic farm consultant up in Iowa to see what he has to say about 12" of snow on a young winter garden. I think everything will probably be fine, but I honestly must say I've not ever experienced this farming extreme. When it did this in Chicago, everything was already harvested for the winter or in a greenhouse. Cole crops are pretty tough though, and I'm hoping for the best. I'll keep you all posted soon as I hear word.
A new meaning to "winter garden"

I covered the mature things, (never dreaming we'd get a foot of snow!), to protect them from the possible ice they were calling for. Now I'm hoping they are not crushed under there. We've had a few power surges, but fortunately, never lost power.

There isn't any need to irrigate of course, which is a good thing because as you can see, there isn't a lot of sun getting through to the solar panels right now.

It was very pretty to look at this morning, at least till my mom's old snow boots sprung a leak and my foot started to get cold. But, I'm all for warm sunny weather and can't wait for spring.

I just wanted to shoot this quick update and share some pics. I heard from Herb and Barbara who were without power today and saw pics of the Gordon's playing in the snow. I hope you are all toasty and warm again.
Pray for sunshine. The seed potatoes are in and it would be nice to plant them soon.

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