Friday, April 29, 2011

Bermuda Triangle?

Recent twister passing in the not so far distance from our farm.
Recent storms spared us of any rain - or anything damaging.
We've been like the center of the Bermuda triangle as of the past few storms - a blessing in disguise.

After seeing the devastation that the recent storms caused in Texas and as it ripped through the rest of the deep south, I'm reminded of how blessed I am to have been spared any damage. I complain and even joke about not getting any rain, barely a 2 minute drizzle with that last batch of pop up tornado rainstorms this past week, but after seeing what some of my fellow farmers have had happen - I'm happy to irrigate!!

A hail storm can wipe out an entire farm in one fell swoop, a tornado can rip a barn roof off it's building, or worse and floods can carry away seeds and topsoil all in a matter of moments - as the farmers sit and watch helpless.

This is what CSA members share the risk in with the farmer. It is because of the loyalty of CSA members that a farmer can regroup, clean up and replant. And, in the 3 years I've been working the land here growing veggies, I can honestly say, I've not ever met a farmer that I've not just loved - it is the most supportive and least competitive group of people I've ever worked with! We are all in this together - growing food for our neighbors, friends, relatives and chefs alike. We do this because we love what we do and when one of us takes a hit - we all take a hit with them.

My heart and helping hand goes out to my fellow farmers at Eden Creek Farm in the wake of the recent storms. Y'all let us know what we can do to help out - and we'll be there!


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  1. Hey Marie! I'm in a moms group (about 12 moms total) in Dallas and this summer we were wanting to take our kids on a field trip to a real farm... where they could see (and maybe milk?) cows, chickens, gardens, etc. Is that something you all ever do? Or do you know somewhere who might be willing? We love the idea that this is pesticide free, etc., and just love your whole concept. :) We're open to your best dates/times, and we could even put the kiddos to work, if there was some sort of "service project" type thing they could do. It's mostly elementary aged kids, and a few littles.

    Let me know!
    Kelly Valenta

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