Friday, March 20, 2009

Lazare - bar and restaurant now serving....

Well, soon to be serving anyway, produce grown at Eden's!

Located in West Village, Lemon at Cole - Next to Cru Wine Bar

We have a new friend to our farm. Chef David Gilbert, of Lazare in uptown, has asked me to grow some veggies for his new restaurant! How cool is that?! David sought out local food and contacted me almost 2 years ago - before we'd ever even stuck a shovel in the ground - to help him connect with local food producers for his project.

Chef and Staff getting ready for the first night of "mock" service

Specifically, he's asked for some gourmet potatoes, carrots, squash, funky cucumbers, and wax beans. We'll be putting in some of these things for the restaurant - don't worry, we'll put in plenty extra for us, too!

But, here is a good reason to eat out - now that you can eat healthy with the local food they'll be featuring - as it is in season. They'll be using tasty and tender all natural, pature raised chicken from Dominion Farms and all naturally, locally grown herbs and produce from a few various farms in the area - including Eden's Garden.

Lazare bottles its own sparkling and filtered water.

Chef Gilbert asked me to speak to his staff last night about my passion for growing tasty, nutritious and FRESH food. It was a great group of young folks, eager to come see the farm and excited to be able to offer their customers great food, growing locally. Chef is going to have his staff come to the farm for a field trip to help out now and then, too.

First night of service with one of Eden's lecturer 's, and a friend of mine,
Kerry Stallo - Age-Intercept, Inc.

He said it will give them a good connection with the food they are serving/preparing. And it is neat to see who will be preparing and serving what we grow. Just as it is so neat to see who is eating it from the CSA group! It is just great to have that connection.

I think this will be a great relationship not just for my farm and its members - Chef has agreed to share a few recipes with us and even offered to do a cooking demo at some point - but for other local farmers and ranchers, too. (Wait till you see what he can do with ordinary produce!)

Be sure to check them out and watch their blog, too. (see link above) I hope you will go check them out next time you have occasion to let someone else do the cooking. And be sure to tell them you are a supporter of Eden's! Tell them I said hello, too.

Eat Your Food - Naturally!

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