Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life on Eden's Farm

There is sooo much going on in the news locally and in DC I don't know where to start.


This may be a good place to start before you head out to lunch.
Fortunately, I think most of you know it is better to pack a salad and some fresh veggies for lunch.

But then there is always Lazare! http://eatsblog.guidelive.com/archives/2009/03/lazare-has-its-soft-opening-to.html

But, in order for us to continue to get to eat locally farm fresh, from your favorite farm of choice, we need to keep DC out of it. They need to focus on the far away farms, not farms where we can go talk to the farmer if there is a problem with something they grew or raised.


This is an interesting story about a piece of legislation that has been circulating and starting rumors. It is so vague that it encompasses just about any and everything anyone ever grows or raises. A bit much. Farming is labor intensive enough, without having to spend all that mental energy on staying ahead of the paperwork the gov't wants to put us through.

And of course there is the weather - cool front coming in means no tomatoes get planted just yet. But hopefully, the temps will stabilize in the next few weeks. We have some starts going, and more on the way. Also we'll be putting in peppers, squash, cukes and zukes to name a few things.

If you have jumped the gun and put out your warm season veggies already, you may want to get glass jars ready to cover them with before the temps drop too far. Less than 55 degrees and a tomato plant isn't happy. This can open them up to being susceptible to disease and pests, like caterpillars or aphids, etc.

In organic growing, we work with nature, the seasons, etc., so we try not to rush things or push them along, thus keeping the need for intervention lower.

I think we'll have lettuce and spinach, cabbage and the last of the pok choi this week. The mizuna mix seems to have some more life to it, just those early varieties are all bolted out. But, there is radicchio coming, too, and looks like kale in the mix. Beets are still growing as well. We may really get several more weeks out of this winter season!

In the meantime, there are potatoes and onions planted. Thank you to workshare members Sam, Theresa, Monica and their friend Marcus who came out Saturday morning and planted while Iris, one of our regular members, helped me harvest and distro the shares.

How many teenagers does it take to plant 900 ft of potatoes?

There was a half bushel of pok choi left in the truck while we were distributing, so if you want some - come out and get it! I'm looking for an outlet to donate it to.

And some good news for those of you living up north - I spoke to a farmer colleague of mine who is opening up for some more shares. Pam at Rose Creek Farms in Sunset will be glad to talk to you. http://www.rosecreekfarms.com/ Tell Pam I said hi! And keep checking Local Harvest's site for new pick your own options as well as new CSA projects.
Small farms are in such desperate need, we need to do what we can to protect our precious resources of land, clean water and healthy, clean food by helping good folks stay encouraged to farm their land - not sell it to developers, or be beat down by legislators trying to support the large agribiz companies. We may not be able to save the world, but we can affect our own back yards. Stay informed, supporting those who support small farming operations and buy locally grown food.
Unfortunately, in Dallas, that is not easy to do. Shed 1 down at Farmer's Market has a mix of local and veteran dealers. But, if there is a local farmer to be found after 4 am, they'd likely be in shed 1. Organic? You need to ask. I found 1 local and organic farm, 1 time down there. Granted, I don't get to shop much there as I'm here working Saturday mornings usually. But we are trying to get more of the farms in TOFGA up here to the Market Day events, which start soon! April 4th is our first one. We'll probably not see much in the way of produce as not a lot of farmers work through the winter, but we're trying to find some to come. JuHa will be here with her grass fed beef and pork, lamb, etc. And our CSA member Charity Gordon, will have her home made Stevia Gardens tea available.
OK - the rain is ending and I've work to do. Farmers do have to do their paperwork, too, when the soil is too wet to play in....
Eat Your Food - Naturally!

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