Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Checking In!

Wow! I'm happy to report that we have planted about 900 tomato plants! They got in right before the rains started and so they are now getting a good, long drink!

As soon as the soil will take it, I'll begin getting the peppers and squash starts in, too. Direct seeding of other squash, melons, cucumbers, wax beans and some later starting peppers and tomatoes for fall will be underway as well. I'm even going to try growing some "pop corn"!

I've been getting responses from people who are interested in buying out the remaining portion of the first year's share commitments from those who chose not to finish out the first year. I am encouraging, actually requiring, they come out to the farm to meet me and see our project. Afterall, before we invest in something, it makes sense to see it first and I want everyone to have that opportunity.

I am also happy to report we have 2 new work share members! This time of year it is critical I get full help from our work shares when at all possible. Planting needs to get in and sometimes the weather is not always cooperative. If you want to volunteer an hour or so, please, don't hesitate to call me. I've not "required" work as part of this farm's CSA commitment, but it is sure appreciated, especially during heavy planting and heavy harvest times. Experience is not required!

I hope your home gardens are all doing well and that you remember to spray your tomato plants with a corn meal tea after all of this rain to help prevent blight from setting in. I know it helped last year when I did it every time it rained. The last time it rained and I forgot - blight! So, I really do think the corn meal teas helped stave it off.

Hope to see you at Market Day this weekend. I'll be talking to Gene out at his farm in east Texas soon to see if he has a surplus or not. I think the lettuce, broccoli and maybe some of the spinach and eventually the remaining beets will have a bit of life to them, but most likely will only be part of a swap basket in future weeks when we begin to harvest our spring garden, as the fall leftovers were when we began to pull our winter harvest in. We'll see. It is not unusual for there to be some overlap from season to season on a few things - again, another reason for the annual commitment and not a seasonal one.

Take care and let Judi from JuHa know if you want to pre-order from her. I'll post her newest list on the website, and Jeani is doing a bit of baking if you want to get some of her yummy breads!

Till then, take care and stay dry!

Eat Your Food - Naturally!

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