Thursday, April 2, 2009

There is a new mag around that one of our farmer friends made me aware of. Now, I've only seen a few of the articles so far, but, so far, so good. Check it out.

Also, a web site that often has interesting topics on their forums and a podcast is Metro Farm Radio.

The food is growing back kind of slow right now, with the rain we needed so badly, but we're still looking pretty good. If we'd have stayed cool, the mizuna wouldn't have bolted, but there isn't any way to keep that from happening when it is in the 80's in February! The heirloom lettuces are still pretty and growing back pretty well from the harvest as is the broccoli coming on finally, too. I even saw a few heads of cauliflower out there - and I thought that was a lost cause! So, we'll keep picking.

Soon I'll be able to get the warmer season things in the ground. I've always been taught to wait till the ground warms up consistently so you reduce the risk of fungus and other pest issues. Plus, many seeds won't germinate anyway and you risk losing them to a heavy rain or fungi as they rot away waiting for the soil to wake them up.

We have some tomato plants that are ready to go and have been growing awhile, as well as some younger starts coming in next week. Then, we'll sow some seeds and hopefully spread out the harvest of maters on until the heat starts to split them.

I've got melon seeds, squash and zucchini seeds, wax bean seeds and a few other things, too. I'm having fun and can't wait to really be out there watching it all grow!

For those of you who may not have heard, I have elected to stay home and work from the farm now. The garden shop, which is more of a ministry to teach folks how to grow their own food and host market days, is open a few days a week starting this weekend.

If you want to come visit the farm with a school group or on your own, just get in touch with me and we'll arrange for a mini tour. This is something I want to offer to local schools on a more formal basis eventually. Working on doing something in conjunction with Chef Gilbert of LAZARE in Dallas to teach a cooking class, too. (Kids need to learn how to do more than open a can and pop it in the microwave...)

Go see our new friends at LAZARE and tell them you're a supporter of the farm. I suggest most of the menu, but try the chicken arugula flat bread, the Dominion Farm 1/2 chicken, and the honey yogurt mousse for desert! We are planning for a private picnic for the staff and our CSA members once the weather warms up. Watch for plans....

Ya'll hold on to your hats - this wind is unreal!

Chef Gilbert is so excited about Eden's growing potatoes for him, he's
already got us on the market picks board! Click on the pic above and read it.


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  1. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. BTW we chose the same template, is that like showing up at a party wearing the same dress?LOL!

    Don't know how you do it all, hope your restaurant crops grow nice. I'm growing taters too this year.

    Let us know how your new toy (tractor) works!



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