Tuesday, June 3, 2014

After the Running Around - The Reward

What a blast it was having our ice cream crank off last week! Our 5 kid judges
had a tough job ahead of them, tasked with selecting the best out of the best - all recipes save one, our vegan entry, were using fresh milk, (cow and goat) as well as other organic ingredients. This was no run of the mill ice cream treat! But it was a tough job someone had to do and these kids did great!

If you missed out on our 5th Saturday, it's ok, we'll have another special time in August when we open the door for entries to our pesto/salsa taste off. Guest judges include local area chefs who's discriminating pallets have been wowed by our entries 2 years in a row now.

CSA Member Clarke Hard at Work! (photo CSA Member Brian King)

After the market last week, several of our CSA members joined together for a potluck picnic and to paint our picnic tables with that paint I talked about last blog entry. We mixed up some pretty colors!
Sunny side up
So next time you sit down for a few to take in the farm at Market Day, you can enjoy the artwork of some of our members. We're not done yet, but I think you'll like the start.

I never did get lunch that day, but the smiles on the faces of all of those ice cream eating market day shopping folks was well worth the running around. I ate plenty at our CSA potluck picnic to make up for it! And I have a bunch of savoy cabbage in the fridge to make some of my favorite minestrone soup with - soon as some tomatoes ripen. :) 

Eat Your Food - Naturally!


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