Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Busy Day in the Life on the Farm

So I guess it started out like any other day, well, if you live on a farm that is....

It's a work share member day, so quick breakfast and out the door. Ah, needed to run 2 errands first, so out the door earlier than usual and back just as one of my members arrived. Then it was time to do AM chores as my homesteading residents are out of town this weekend. So, quick assignment for the volunteer and off to feed critters.

Back in time to help harvest, wash some veggies, weigh them and record. Then it's time to crank up our repaired tiller and do a little dirt work - fired up the first time and had all 5 horses running again.... but then? Well, it appears as though we've got a cracked something or another that works the throttle/choke. Great. That'll require another trip to the repair shop. So off to the barn until next week ol' Troy goes.

Ah, dropped off my cycling member at the train and looks like it's finally time to eat lunch - no wait, I am out of chocolate chips for baking later for market day. Off to the store while I'm out. And to pay the repair shop for the break job on the farm truck. And, to find little sacks for the cookies I'm going to get chocolate chips for... ok.

Wait, did we ever get paint for the picnic tables for tomorrow's picnic paint party? Nope. Back over to the friendly neighborhood big box store. JACKPOT! 2 gallons of outdoor tough stuff. ok, check that off the list. Now, back home....note to self - still need ice. Later. Lunch?

Really need to mow the yard before it gets dark so it looks neater for market, right? Ok. So here we go. Everything going fine back area done now out front - then all of a sudden.... wt heck?

A flat- REALLY flat. sigh. How am I ever going to get this thing back to the garage - from the front yard? Ever pushed a riding lawn mower?

John Deere to the rescue....and a rope - and wishes they'd have taught some knot tying in Girl Scouts.... or that I'd remembered it.

And now to back the disabled mower into the garage - or not. OK. Then I'll just push it in the rest of the way. Sort of. Good enough - the doors close. Mostly. Note to self; really need to fix those garage doors - before they fall off and kill something.

Ok, dark now, time to feed critters - oh, no!! Eve, what is that?! A baby bunny? I asked you not to kill/eat those.... sigh. Too late. Why can't she focus on the rats? Fur is fur to her I guess....

Feeding done - burying baby bunny in the compost pile done. To the house. Baking, newsletter - oh dear. I still need ice. And I'm supposed to make strawberry ice cream, too. sigh. Sleep? Lunch?

Eat Your Food - Naturally!


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