Thursday, December 18, 2008

In the News

Well, there were a lot of folks to choose from for Secretary of Agriculture - and while none of the names being thrown around seriously were all that well known for supporting the things organic farming supports I suppose, but it looks like we got a doozey in Mr. Vilsack. One friend says it is a step backwards from GE food technology protection for organic farmers as he is a big ag biz supporter. Great.

Here is an interesting article about the choice made.

What can we do? Know who grows our food - try to eat organically as much as possible as it may be the only way you will know what you are actually eating. Just cuz it looks like an ear of corn, doesn't mean it is just an ear of corn.

See you Saturday.

Please remember - the farm will not have a pick up next weekend 12-27. Enjoy the holidays and your families. Thank you.

Eat Your Food - Naturally!

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