Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Community Supported Agriculture

Thank you for the feedback some of you have offered about our progress thus far with the farm. I wanted to take that moment to review where we are planning to head and some of the challenges, victories and clarify any potential for misunderstandings.

Due to some kind of glich, the farm's listing was duplicated on Local Harvest so I ended up on Local Harvest's CSA page. I thought it did a great job of explaining Community Supported Agriculture and for anyone new to CSA or thinking about it, here is the link. I think it may help answer a few of the questions that I may not have answered directly, and it helped to re-inspire me as to the real purpose behind CSA's creation back in Japan many years ago.

I hope more community members will gather together, find farmers and places to farm so that this wonderful movement to secure our food supply is realized in the DFW area (and beyond of course). I also hope through these farms, youngsters can be encouraged to get into farming so I'll have someone to rely on to grow me healthy food when it becomes time for me to hang up my overalls some day when I'm too feeble to drag bags of cottonseed meal around, sling manure off a trailer or spend hours out in the sun - I hope that day doesn't come for decades - but we have to plan today for the future farmers of tomorrow.

Thank you again for your support of CSA.

Eat Your Food - Naturally!


  1. Something I feel really needs to be addressed as you forge your way in this venture and as we do so along with you...PATIENCE! I will be the first to say that I spent a lot of time wondering when I was gonna eat all this natural goodness. But once I really understood the process and how things have to be set up properly in order to grow properly, I was fine. This is such a new concept to many of us...OK, maybe just me. But everyone I've told about it LOVES the idea. It's so worth the wait when things really get booming.

    But what I really can't stand is when I get the sense that not everyone is on the same page. I say this because of the email we all received recently re-explaining everything and by the tone of the email, I get the impression some folks aren't pleased with things. Just my assumption and I guess we know the saying about what that makes you and me. :)

    But if it isn't the case, forgive this comment! If it is, my suggestion is to chill. Give it a year already! And enjoy what we get when we can get it. Savor each bite knowing that it came from someone you know. And brace yourselves for when the bounty is absolutely booming!

    My two cents.


  2. Thank you Jenice. I appreciate the note. It is great to know so many of you are on board. Thank you all for your continued support and patience.

    The little seedlings we recently put in are doing good and the fall brocolli and cabbage are nearing maturity! Again, I apologize for the slow and light fall season, but we are on our way for a long term goal of growing fresh, organic, local food.


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