Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Rooster's Tale

I wanted to let you know, as the community supporting this farm, that there is a bit of warm water on the stove where a frog is about to be heated up. You know what I mean - a simple and seemingly harmless regulation is on the table for passing - yet in doing so, it will bring us one step closer to losing our rights to feed ourselves what we want to. I'm not going to re-post the entire letter I have submitted to the local paper for publishing regarding the "outlawing" of roosters in Balch Springs, but I invite you to read it here.

Whereas we don't have enough of a flock to supply ourselves with eggs right now, it will never happen if they keep me from having roosters around.

Perhaps a couple of you would be interested in coming to the next city council meeting in January, the 2nd Monday of the month. I plan to read the letter during citizen's comments and anyone connected to the farm that wants to come stand with me is welcome to do so, or to add your own 3 minute comment. Your support would be helpful. Thank you.

Eat Your Food - Naturally! (and, fight for your right to do so - before it is against the law!)

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