Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eat Locally Grown Food All Year

What a great article - even though these folks are up in the north and have basements, we can learn some from them, too. I'm working on a canning class actually for later this year and Herb has given me directions for dehydrating that I've yet to share - my bad.

We all can do many little things to try to eat as local and in season as we can. Those in our CSA are doing tons! Hopefully, the coming rains will be gentle and water in nicely the few plants I have bravely put in. I've held out most, but thought we'd try to get at least one early round in since the rain delayed most of the day. Maybe it will stay north of the farm?

Seeds are covered this time so we shouldn't lose the 2nd seeding of root crops.

Enjoy the article - eat well!

Eat Locally Grown Food All Year

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