Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing...

Another two and nearly a half inches of rain since last night, has made the gardens quite the soggy mess again. The good news however, is that I think all of the seeds planted have had enough time to get going before it started coming down and it wasn't coming down too hard, so as long as they don't rot in the excess moisture before they sprout some true leaves - we should be in good shape on cabbages, lettuces and tat soi.

Our plugs should be in this week - but we're not going to get them in the ground if the forecast holds true. Dave from my old job, told me that the plugs should be ok in their pots for about a week or two upon arrival - so we have to hope the soil dries up a bit in that time frame or we'll be potting up plugs into 2 inch plug trays....not a task I want to endure.

Just wanted to put in a bit of a weather update - stay dry!

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