Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Ground

August 9th - D Day - or should it be P Day (for plowing day)? At any rate, I went out to the pasture this morning, it was relatively quiet for an urban farm - the quiet sounds of roosters and a bullfrog or two mixed in with the sound of highway traffic. Almost perfect.

Here is what the pasture looks like at this moment, early sun coming up over the trees. Breaking ground is exciting. I am waiting on the tractor and plow to arrive to get started. While I waited, I went to see my feed store friends, Jacky and Matt, about some fencing. Jacky is going organic! Well, at least on one of his acres of garden anyway. It is a start. He wanted to know what to do to "go organic". Turns out, last year he already was. He keeps rabbits and used manure over the entire garden last winter and let it mellow the soil - had the best tomatoes of all his friends! It's catchy - once you see how well it works. He'll be hooked in no time.

Well, here is the video and some sounds of the morning - listen closely, you can hear the bullfrog's song. I plan to tape some of the ground breaking so you can see the transformation from pasture to gardens.

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  1. Actually My MOM says....Hi Marie, this is very exciting. I am wishing you (and praying) and all the members of your CSA, the very best of luck and hope you will have a bountiful harvest. It sure looks like you've got your work cut out for you. I look forward to seeing this after the 'plowing' takes place....God Bless You. Your Mother 8/9/08


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