Sunday, August 24, 2008

After the rain....

We wait for the rain, praying with anticipation that it will come. Then, it won't stop! But, I firmly believe the seasons happen just they way they are supposed to. There still are certain things we as humans, can't control - thankfully! The "trick" is, we have to learn to sit still, listen, watch, really observe and even feel nature at work so we can work with it. Sounds a bit mysterious, but I think the more you are out in nature, the more you see it differently. So for some reason, I'm really not frustrated at the week or so I felt like I "lost" to the rains for getting the gardens ready for planting. I think we're right on time.

Now it is true, sometimes you can "feel" a time where there is an opportunity to get a head start. Brad and Jenny, my farmer friends near Bryan, had that slot this summer and are just about to enjoy some really late summer or very early fall, however you want to look at it - squash. And, when you have beds that are established you can generally catch those windows - if the prior season's plants are all done, the beds are clean and you've been able to re-work and prepare them for the next crop - before that short window closes.

It is amazing to watch the trees seem to cry out to the heavens for a break during the summer dry spells - you can really almost hear them! Then, even more awesome, is to watch the skies open up and give them what they ask for - what their Maker knows they need! Why the floods then? Sometimes, it is because we have used up too much of the precious ground that should be drinking in the precious rains. It has nowhere else to go. Coming from a family of construction industry workers, my thoughts about development are not always kindly received. I'm sure there is a balance somewhere - I really hope for future generations we figure it out - soon.

(OK - it is Sunday morning and I'm feeling a bit spiritual I guess - but then, you come out here and see all that just "is" and I don't know too many who won't feel it, too. It is hard to escape, even if you wanted to.)

We're going to get to really plow the plot up today - it should be awesome now that the ground is good and soft - a far cry from a few weeks ago when it was like a dust storm! Our friend from Canton, Glen McIlvain, is bringing in his tractor for us again. After he plows, he'll hit it with the disk once more to smooth out any big clumps. If it is smooth enough then, the amendments can get added and our work share members will be putting up the fence next weekend. We're also going to be starting more seeds throughout the week and hopefully everyone will have a chance to hoe a row next weekend! Y'all can come out and see us if you want, you are certainly more than welcome, to help or just observe. We'd love to have you!

The Dallas Morning News' NeighborsGo on line paper is going to follow our progress by stopping out from time to time and filming things. This blog will have links to the on line video series by our friend and editor, Jenice Johnson, called "Life on the Farm" when it starts, and my Life on the Farm blog, seperate from my normal "Eden's Gardner" gardening blog, is on NeighborsGo for those who are not CSA members but that might be interested in seeing a new farm popping up right in their town but don't know about this blogspot. Feel free to visit both. I'm not a professional writer, these are just my attempts at tracking the process. Who knows, maybe it will inspire someone else to start farming a small plot of land! That is the goal of TOFGA - to grow more farms, locally, organically and bring more healthy and naturally good food to the tables of the folks who live nearby; eat local. We're on our way to do our part! All of us together can make a small splash and watch the ripples......

Enjoy your Sunday - try to stop and watch some nature today - you'll be blessed for it if you can.
The beautiful rainbow shot above was taken by CSA member David Sheppard after one of the first of the thirst quenching rains came through - look closely, you'll see the double promise!


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