Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get your umbrella!

I guess you guys have been praying for rain - cuz it is on its way! This is going to help the ground preparation process so much. We were able to disk the soil but the ground was so hard the plow would've potentially damaged the tractor had he brought the one he had. So, we are borrowing another style of plow from another friend of the tractor owner - and we'll really plow up the ground like we need to.

I suppose if the ground wasn't so hard, a few trips with a disk would be ok - but we really need to deep plow this first time to get up as much of the prairie grasses as we can - root and all. Thankfully, this isn't really a Bermuda pasture - whew! - just a little bit seems to have survived what was apparently an attempt to seed it many years ago. But, by plowing it up - we'll expose roots and they'll cook in the sun and we'll remove the vegetation and add it to the compost heap. We'll make good use of whatever we pull out.

We have about 12 folks so far committed - which is great! I really didn't know if anyone would respond to this CSA, being it is our first year. But I am very honored to have your support and it is my pleasure to do this for you - for us all!

Eating healthy is so very important. Much more so than most people really realize. We as a society have gotten so far away from nutrition, eating from scratch - eating around a dinner table, I truly believe that is why we have so many people suffering from so many things today.

I urge you to check out the book, Makers Diet. Not for the purchasing of any of his products, but for the theory of how we have so far strayed away from what our bodies were designed to eat.

Well - more another day. Feel free to add your comments. And again, thank you for letting me do this for us all!

Eat your food - naturally!

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