Friday, August 15, 2008

What's that falling out of the sky?

oh it is R A I N!!!! And a nice, steady one at that. We really need this - and we're supposed to get rain for the next 3 or so days! This means the plowing will probably take place mid week next week.

It is Friday the 15th and there are still about 10 spaces open for the fall season's CSA shares. We're going to go ahead and move forward even if we don't get 26. I've kept my "day" job, so I can still pay my bills for now. And the grocery bill will go down a lot!

I have several folks who've requested working shares, which of course, will help with the work load, especially while I need to keep my regular job. (Sorry, there are not any more working shares available at this time.)

If you have signed up, look for a short note from me this weekend and we'll talk about pick up days/times, the carpool idea and a few other things that have been brought up.

That is all for now - enjoy the rain!

Eat your food - naturally!

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