Monday, August 18, 2008

While we wait

Just wanted to let y'all know some of what we're going to be planting for you this fall. I've completed and submitted the seed order for what will be a bit of a later fall harvest than we'd hoped for, but you just can't control the rain! It has taken this long to get some so we can actually work the soil. The second and final round with the tractor should take place this week - if we can get enough of a break in the rain to get out it out there. You know the saying, when it rains, it pours.

The good news is, here in north central Texas, our growing season can last well into what most of the rest of the country considers winter. Things will slow down for sure, the daylight hours growing fewer will impact growth, but the temps will hold steady or generally be controlled with some frost cloths or hoop houses to protect from most of those early season cold snaps.

Here is a sample of what we're looking at planting;
Green Finger Cucumbers, a variety of lettuces & greens; several varieties of squash - Delicata, Red Kuri, Sweet Reba Acorn to name a few; beets; Mammoth Melting Peas; Leeks; cutting onions; chard; radishes; pok choy; garlic (for next spring); and a variety of herbs for cutting fresh to add to your cooking each week! Ok - now I'm hungry....

Keep checking back for more updates and pics - as I have time, I'll post.

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